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Sustainable energy and knowledge

Sol Seven Studio is built around our key value of Sustainability.


Our office and creative endeavours are powered by the sun wherever possible, using our solar panels and battery to run our digital and creative studios. We also help balance the grid with our stored energy and ensure that any ceramics are fired in our kiln when we can best harness the sun's rays.

Our approach to digital consultancy and mentoring is the same. We aim to use our experience to help you, your teams, and your customers receive knowledge that is sustainable and accessible for those that need it; our aim is to embed knowledge with you and not to 'solve' an issue by creating another.


Seven Layers

Along with our aim to operate using sustainable power, we also recognise that the Sun comprises seven layers: three inner and four outer layers.


The inner layers are the core, radiative, and convection zones, while the outer layers are the photosphere, chromosphere, transition region, and corona.


We see our work as peeling back layers to deliver accurate and sustainable results; we want to build communities that inspire trust, empower each of us regardless of background and co-create meaningful value time and time again. 


Do what you love and you'll love what you do

For too many years our founder and director committed far too much time to pursue agendas other than their own, ignoring personal happiness and fulfillment.

Nowadays we are proud to take on projects we have a passion for, projects which reflect our values, endeavours that are more than just another piece of work. We love to give back, and we love to welcome others to our 'studio' a studio that mixes the world of digital service management with ceramics and the arts.


None of these are mutually exclusive, in fact, they could learn a lot from one another. 

Sol Seven Studio is based upon collaboration and through blending different approaches with a real focus on value.


We'd love to work with you and co-create value for you, your organisation, colleagues and customers.  

Lets Collaborate

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