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DHSC - Dars Home Stay Clay


David (aka Dar) discovered a passion for all things clay during the lockdown period thanks to Emma and the TV show 'The Great Pottery Throwdown'. 

Since 2020 Dar has gone on to pick up a second-hand kiln and pottery wheel and now spends his time away from the 'always on' world of digital services, making pots, cups and all manner of vases. 

Dar's ethos is throwing, firing, and packaging sustainably. We drive 400 miles to pick up our clay in our electric car, which is charged using sunshine wherever possible. 

Any kiln firings take place using renewables and solar energy. We know it could be better, but it's our way of being sustainable, and we build this focus on sustainability into our consultancy and mentoring through lifelong learning. 

And the irony is this ceramics is similar to IT. There are processes involved throughout - but each can be applied differently to suit your style and values. It turns out that mud and motherboards are not too different after all. 

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