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30 years of experience and the scars to prove it

Having worked for 30 years in IT 'Service' related roles, David discusses how he has used the question:

What does Value mean to you?

This question is used when co-creating Value-Focused Communities of Practice, enabling organisations to improve digital service lifecycles. 


David discusses real-life examples, some good and some bad, to cover where he has co-created Value-Focused Communities of Practice and how these freed service management teams to become more enterprise-focused through co-created knowledge, experience, customer-focused measurement and a more explicit organisational language.


David also demonstrates the value of peeking under the covers to co-create value you didn’t even know existed. 


Co-creating value in organisations will help you understand how applying value focussed Enterprise Service Management thinking to your organisation via a Community of Practice can enable you to co-create value for your colleagues, partners, and consumers.

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