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Co-Creating Value in Organisations with ITIL 4

No matter what sector you are in, and regardless of whether you are a leader, manager, or a business executive you need to be able to continually evaluate and daily challenges and provide solutions to improve efficencies. 

Co-Creating value with your teams, your partners and your customers is essential for achieving success.


Based on his extensive experience, and in close alignment with ITIL 4, David Barrow shares his personal stories of how he has identified and co-created value across the different streams in global organisations.


He demonstrates techniques that balance the need for ITIL with the values that influence its implementation in the real world. 

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Paula Maattanen -
IT Service Management Consultant

“I think this publication is very practical and provides value for people who are working in service management and are willing learn new ways of working or improve existing behaviour. This publication gives hints with real-life experience, lessons learned, and from different viewpoints. The best part for me is that I can relate the topics fully to my own personal work/life experience.”

Ryan Fraser - Service Management Expert 

“This publication is an essential resource for practitioners who are seeking advice, insights, and experience with designing and delivering high quality and valuable experiences for their customers. The personal stories in this publication bring the theory to life in a highly relatable way that other ITIL texts do not achieve.”

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