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Never Dared to Ask

Last week, Lucy Grimwade and I finally got to showcase our ‘All you ever wanted to know about Allyship, but never dared to ask’ Keynote at SITS - The Service Desk & IT Support Show

Nerves aside, we were thrilled to have an engaging audience who had lots of questions - even one or two that challenged us.

During the event we noted some familiar themes, promotional products and activities that leaned towards the more recognised audience....a male audience.

As we said on stage, we don’t want to be antagonistic, but we do want to make one another consider our actions, both in helping ourselves and in helping others.

Is there more to be done to ensure these events are more inclusive to all? (Seriously, this is an open question, we would love to hear your thoughts)


Here ➡, you can find our presentation, the resources we shared and a little bit more about us. 

And please stay tuned for some more info...

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